XANTHORIA, the long forgotten woods It all starts when an evil and greedy king named Tenebrio Molidor wants to expand his territory and lands like Xanthoria are in his way.   Three boys, Anthurium, Erigeon and Thlaspi, are very good friends with the daughter of the xanthorian king, princess Arianna. As tribute, the evil king comes and takes many xanthorian inhabitants as slaves for his gold mines, under the word that he will not bring war upon Xanthoria. Among the slaves are Erigeon and Thlaspi. Years pass and Anthurium grows along with Arianna, as well their love. When Molidor finds out about Arianna's beauty, he sends kidnapers to bring her in the evil's king harem. Anthurium sets out in a journey to bring her back.   Erigeon is now in Canadensis lands, living in at a blacksmiths family - he will become The Canadensian Hero.   Thlaspi is in Hirsuta land, growing at a Monastery - The Hirsutian Monk. They both managed to run from the gold mines and searched for shelter in those lands. They too, found out about Arianna's kidnaping, and set to save her. The three friends started on different roads the trip to Caltha, the capital of The Seven Thunders, the realm of Tenebrio Molidor. After all four meet, they set out on the Triacanthos Sea to run away from the evil king. Erigeon meets Leylandii, the queen of Iberis, and Thlaspi meets Iraida, the daughter of captain Muserith, on witch ship they run on the sea.   The storm takes them to The Red Mountain Island, where the Wisent men live. They look like winsents due to the spell that Agrimonia, the evil's king mom, had put it on them because they hided Morus on their island, the old captain with his ship and crew.   From there the friends sail with Morus to Iberis land to set free Leylandii's ancient family curse. The key of uniting all the remainng small kingdomes to make a stand tho this king Tenebrio, is an enormous bell, The Bell of Kenditie. When the big bell will ring, all the people will hear it and they will unite to fight against the evil. After friends manage to help queen Leylandii to recover from the ancient curse, the boys: Anthurium, Erigeon and Thlaspi set out for Kenditie to solve the mystery of the bell to make it ring. The girls: Arianna, Leylandii and Iraida go to a close kingdom named Muscarii, where the king Iridis is gathering the allied armies for the battle. After the boys make the bell ring, Molidor is defeated and they set for their homes, where they will encounter few surprises. If you liked your childhood stories, if you enjoyed your teenage books, then you’re going to LOVE THIS!
"Write your future, Do not dream it!"